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Is this by the actual ZK who supposedly created the original Sad Satan that Obscure Horror Corner played on YouTube or is this just someone trying to revive interest in the game again?

Where are your other games?!

who are the 2 old arab lookin dudes riding around in a jalopy?

I hope there's no cp in this.

Fantastic game. Thx!

dont tell me this has a Virus  

my pc detected this as a suspicious file so fuck this game and the story

its not a virus lel

RIP Kelsi

can u ad the weird mono effect like the og

if this is a remake of the original where can i find & download the original please post link to where i can find it

The original does not exist.

it does exist its on the dark web

they just remade it to a remake because the original contains alot of murder and abuse on children so this person remade it and the pictures are random. so dont be afraid to play the remake as well it is the original because the pictures are replaced. keep in mind the screams that u hear from a girl is real

Good game, it's the most faithful remake of the original. Truly, horror.

ah das hot

i tried playing and pressed credits and it shows gore

It's the death screen from Hong Kong 97, and I don't see any blood on the image.

that isn't gore. that's hong kong 97 for ya

where i can found "full version"


can I replace the images with somewhat scary ones in the game? Also btw this cleaned version with the “innocent” photos are actual bad people so like heaDs uP-  but yeah can I replace the images.


awwwww :( no CP :(

its a joke don't cancel me pls


joke or not, wtf






thats fucked up

cops are called

Deleted post

Don't worry people this is literally just the version OHC played, there's no gore or any CP and no viruses. It has all the levels, the ending, and the original non-gore images


does this version have malware?


No, I played it and it's just the version OHC played on his channel. No CP, No gore, and no viruses


Thanks Bro

wassup cartman

sup dude

nothing much


Before I download this game I just want to be sure there's no cp so is there?


I played it and there is no cp, you can download it. But be careful, it's not just a game, it's a enigma


Thanks for the info dude :)

ScarebereZK You escaped in jail


ScarebereZK, if you are the creator, I really appreciate you to answer my questions.

-Like why did you make this game ? 

-Why does this game has CP and gore pictures ? 

-Why Obscure Horror Corner said it was from the deep web to increase his view and subscription count but he left YouTube ?

If you answer my questions, then maybe you are the real ZK, but if you don't, you are nobody.

this isnt the illicit version and is literally a recreation of the version OHC played and it has no gore or CP


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Hey ScarebereZK I would like to know some things




Although this is most likely a recreation, It's pretty damn close to what we saw in Obscure Horror Corner's videos.


Deleted 1 year ago

If it does not let you proceed, it means you are going the wrong way, or you forgot to do something in an area.

I thought you were in jail 

who made the unsafe version of the game?


when i start it, it works fine but my problem is i just sit there in that hallway and even after all the audio plays fully i am unable to get anywhere, i would happy if you could help me with my problem because i would like to see what this game has to offer


is this the clean version?

me and my boyfriend have been trying to find the original original game we wanna be properly fucked in the head and thought this would do it

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This is the original...

hah i tried to play it and it immediately sent me to the end and it won't let me update it :/

Deleted 1 year ago

oh shit


is this a recreation? how come the texture glitch in the eyeball room isnt there? how come the textures are not the same as the original in the videos? how come there are no filters (which are free in terror engine) like there are in the original.. this seems fake

Did you check/uncheck "bloom effect" in settings? I fixed some bugs in the game before uploading it.

I didn't touch it

Try checking/unchecking the bloom effect in the settings. The filters should work if you do that.

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Holy hell...are you actually the real Scarebere/creator? I actually downloaded the game and it seems to be the exact one that Obscure Horror Corner showcased way back in June/July 2015. I have been obsessed with Sad Satan ever since Summer 2015, more than half a decade, and now I actually have the chance to play the original (or at least one very similar.)

Would you be open to chatting about the game sometime/somewhere? I have a lot of questions about this game and am very curious as to why and how you made it. I would really appreciate it if you were willing to chat. If not, I understand, but thank you so much anyways for finally putting up the original and not that crappy 5 minute, cut trailer version. Really appreciate it.


Sure. I am willing to chat. Do you have Discord?


Yes, but is there a way I can message it you privately on here? Sorry, new to this site, and I don't want a whole bunch of people spamming me just in case I post the name public.

I don't think you can DM on here.

Could I chat with you 😍😍

Hey, do you have the source code of this?7


Every once in a while i make a account to check and see if anyone faking our games ,and YUP HERE they are!!! FAKE SAD SATAN,  different audio AND HALLWAYS!!!!!WOWWWWWWWWWWWW

Deleted 1 year ago

"our games"

Are you implying you made Sad Satan?

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could you make a version where there is no winzip on it? its because i dont want to spend money on winzip

WinZIP has a free trial.

for me it dosent work

Hmm. Did the game come in a ZIP folder?


You should be able to extract the game from the ZIP folder.

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