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the game breaks midway through, how do I fix thi


why is he sad


why so many edgelords in the comments 




ur well fit

May 1st on Steam


Fuck you and fuck this version, download this legit version instead: https://reveallife.net/official-sad-satan-download-link-with-keylogger-removed/

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thank you king

Is it safe?

Deleted 30 days ago


la curiosidad me consume

(dice eso desde hace 5 años)

Deleted 30 days ago

this aint even the real game 

nigga thats too much

where is the updated version?

¿es real el juego?

no se si confirmarlo
se que en el momento que lo toque sentiré asco y odio pero la curiosidad me consume desde hace 5 años

y también un poco de miedo según recuerdo que la original lleva virus

pero ya no se 


fuck this shit i want the CP and gore one


Why tf do u want to see cp, disgusting ass bitch

who doesn't lol (If you didn't know that was a joke just wanting to clarify, FBI please don't come to my house)



i know this hasn't been updated since may of last year but if ZK is still around: would you be willing to contact me to set up an email interview?


For the neggas like me, that are asking if this file is safe (without virus, gore, cp...), it is. Now  stfu ;D


the end.

i played this game and i fricking loved it


Is it safe

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No shit, u little bitch

Guys does it have viruses?


yes it actually has it has an ax bitcoin miner running in the background dont download it


does it have gore and cp and virus in it?



No viruses, the gore was removed with friendly photos.


It's on itch.io and it would never allow a virus or cp, u little dimwit

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don't call me dimwit, okay?, please stop being rude to me

delete ts

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That's pretty unusual. The game itself isn't scary (some of the sounds are a little creepy), even though the facts the game refers to are scary. It's all sad, there will always be freaks, psychos and so on on on the planet. We just have to accept that and be careful. 


Y'all are so dumb, this IS NOT the real game, idiots. There would be no way the REAL game would be on ITCH.IO.

Do you think that the real game is only where there is trash content? Are you serious? Some jerk just changed the pictures in the game to be more violent and uploaded the game to 4chan. And then said that the author lied to us, and the version he showed us wasn't real. Think about it logically, the only difference is the pictures, and I found those pictures in literally minutes. I could take that version of the game, download all those pictures, replace them, and then what, it would be a TRUE version without viruses? Hahaha, bullshit! 


What can I do for you?

nothing i just found it funny the way you worded it

Choerry girl, u better have a real good explanation to why u laughin

im srs i just found it funny the way he worded that whole thing 😭

why u pssy acting like some dck tho u r both lol



made a new itch account so i'm reposting my gameplay i still can't believe i finally got to play sad satan i know it's a recreation but still it was worth it


Is this by the actual ZK who supposedly created the original Sad Satan that Obscure Horror Corner played on YouTube or is this just someone trying to revive interest in the game again?

No this isn't because that is bad cheese pizza=bad we don't want cheese pizza 

Where are your other games?!

who are the 2 old arab lookin dudes riding around in a jalopy?


I hope there's no cp in this.

It's on itch.io, it would NEVER allow smth illegal or as disgusting like that

Fantastic game. Thx!


dont tell me this has a Virus  

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there is no virus!! ^_^

my pc detected this as a suspicious file so fuck this game and the story

its not a virus lel


fuck YOU, u little bitch

who are you

RIP Kelsi

can u ad the weird mono effect like the og

he can't. he's in jail

if this is a remake of the original where can i find & download the original please post link to where i can find it

The original does not exist.

it does exist its on the dark web

they just remade it to a remake because the original contains alot of murder and abuse on children so this person remade it and the pictures are random. so dont be afraid to play the remake as well it is the original because the pictures are replaced. keep in mind the screams that u hear from a girl is real

no the screams are stock screams

why tf do u wanna see cp, u lil ho

Deleted post

ah das hot

i tried playing and pressed credits and it shows gore

It's the death screen from Hong Kong 97, and I don't see any blood on the image.

that isn't gore. that's hong kong 97 for ya


stop being sensitive and stop lying, u lil ho


where i can found "full version"


can I replace the images with somewhat scary ones in the game? Also btw this cleaned version with the “innocent” photos are actual bad people so like heaDs uP-  but yeah can I replace the images.

You could try replacing the images in the files with the images you want. Just make sure the name's are the same, cuz that might cause problems.


awwwww :( no CP :(

its a joke don't cancel me pls


joke or not, wtf






thats fucked up


cops are called


nigga what

Shut the hell up, u little bitch

Deleted post

Don't worry people this is literally just the version OHC played, there's no gore or any CP and no viruses. It has all the levels, the ending, and the original non-gore images

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